X Factor spare microphone (red)


Spare microphone - X Factor Limited Edition!


Turn your Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit into a duet machine with this extra X Factor Limited Edition Lucky Voice Mic!

Simply plug into the Mic 2 socket of your Karaoke Kit mixer, grab the Kiki Dee to your Elton John and get harmonising. Scream, shout, dance, and feel limitless with this high-quality, microphone, with a metal-finished body in neon pink, electric blue, glossy gold or classy white. It comes with a 5m microphone cable (XLR to jack) so you can connect it straight to your Karaoke Kit mixer. The Lucky Voice song catalogue gives you a huge choice of all time duets, with everything from Johnny Cash and June Carter to Rihanna and Drake, with more and more added every month.


Box Contains

The Lucky Voice Spare Mic box includes:
  • 1 x metal-bodied dynamic microphone
  • 1 × 5m microphone cable
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