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Global's Make Some Noise and Lucky Voice!

Global's Make Some Noise and Lucky Voice!

Lucky Voice have partnered with Global's charity, Make Some Noise, to give karaoke fans the opportunity to get 10% off any of our karaoke machines (here), with the code NOISY17.

What's more, for every karaoke kit purchased with this code, Lucky Voice will be donating £10 to Make Some Noise, helping them to continue their amazing work in changing the lives of families living with illness, disability, or lack of opportunity. You can find out more about Global and the charities they're supporting here.

So not only can you get ahead with your perfect Christmas present (trust us, it's not too soon to start planning!) that immediately turns a laptop or iOS device into the ultimate karaoke machine...but you'll also be contributing to this very worthy charity!

The offer ends at midnight on the 20th October!

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