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Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Machine

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Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Kit
Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Kit Gold Karaoke Machine Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine (Chrome Gold Mic) Lucky Voice Karaoke Lucky Voice Karaoke Lucky Voice Karaoke Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Machine

The Ultimate Christmas gift. Sing the newest chart hits with the Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Machine! The perfect companion for children (and adults!) in need of some fun!

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  • Easy to use home karaoke system - perfect for children! What can feel more empowering than standing centre stage (in your living room or bedroom) and belting out your favourite song?

    Standing centre stage and belting out your favourite song with your voice amplified by a Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Machine, of course! Nothing gives you the feeling of triumph, achievement and empowerment like our gold mics.

    In addition to being an amazing way to spend your spare time, singing has numerous health benefits. From relieving stress to improving your immune system and lung function; and with our subscription service, you will have an endless library of music to choose from. The perfect home karaoke machine; why not even grab a few extra karaoke mics and have a sing-song with your family or household? You can choose from our Chrome gold karaoke machine, white karaoke kit, blue karaoke kit, neon pink karaoke kit, and rose gold karaoke kit.

    The kit is straightforward to assemble and comes with everything you need to hook your device up to your computer, Android phone, TV, Hi-Fi system, tablet or iPad. That means you can use your gold karaoke machine at home or take it with you when you travel. We firmly believe that a good sing-song should always be at your fingertips.

  • 1 x metal-bodied chrome gold microphone

    1 x black compact microphone mixer

    1 x 5m microphone cable

    UK power cable

    Cables to connect the kit to your computer or iPad or Android

    Aux In cable to connect the kit to your TV or Hi-Fi system

    Voucher code for a month of free singing with Lucky Voice Online

  • A computer - PC, Mac, laptop or iPad

    An Internet connection

    Amplified speakers: use an iPod speaker dock, TV or Hi-Fi speakers or any external PC speakers available

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