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What is the karaoke kit?

The Karaoke Kit turns your laptop or iOS device into the ultimate karaoke machine, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions below and you've got the perfect gift to create the best parties ever!

How do I set up my karaoke kit?

We've got a really simple video to show how to set it up in easy steps:

If you still have trouble after watching this then get in touch with us at

What's included in the karaoke kit?

  • 1 x metal-bodied microphone
  • 1 x mixer
  • 1 x 5m microphone cable
  • UK power cable
  • Cables to connect the kit to your computer or iPad/iPhone/Tablet
  • Aux Cable to connect the kit to your TV or Hi-Fi system
  • Voucher code for a month of free singing with Lucky Voice

Picture of items below:

Karaoke Machine

What do I need with the karaoke kit?

  • A computer - PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or iPad
  • An Internet connection
  • Amplified speakers: use an iPod speaker dock, TV or Hi-Fi speakers or any external PC speakers available

Can I use the karaoke kit with a Smart TV?

Yes, it does work with a Smart TV however this can be temperamental, what we would suggest is that you connect your iPad/ or laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable - this'll transfer all the picture and sound to the TV.

When would I use the Karaoke Kit?

This amazing gift can be used in lots of different situations whether it's the main piece for your next party, to keep the kids occupied after school or to practice for your X Factor audition - you'll find it's used all the time.

What speakers are good to use with the kit?

This works best with iPod speakers, computer speakers, hi-fi, the TV speakers, and any speakers that have a 'aux' input. If you're unsure feel free to email for confirmation.

Can I take my kit abroad?

Yes you can take your Karaoke Kit abroad, however our website is not available in the USA for licensing issues. It is possible to use other Karaoke services with the Karaoke Kit in the USA, the equipment will still work.

Can I have a refund?

Yes we have a 28 day refund policy for all returned Karaoke Kits that have been unused.