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10 Great Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

10 Great Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

With a bit of help, music lovers are really easy to buy gifts for! Check out these 10 fab pressies for anyone whose heart beats faster as soon as they hear the mellifluous harmony of struck chords...

1) Tabblue Speaker Table – £149

The Tabblue Speaker Table is a stylish three-legged table that (clue very much in the name) doubles up as a surround sound bluetooth speaker. The Tabblue also includes two USB charging ports and a built in microphone for hands free calls, and its rechargeable Lithium battery boasts up to seven hours of cordless play life.

2) At-Home Karaoke Kit – From £60

Back in the day the whole family would gather around the ol Grand Piano on Christmas Day for a rousing rendition of gay Yuletide carols. Unfortunately, nowadays the only people with a Grand Piano in their living room are Bond Villains or Russian Oligarchs (with some overlap between those two circles on a Venn Diagram). Lovers of a good old fashioned singalong need fear not, however: with a Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit the whole family can gather around an iOS device, laptop or PC instead to belt out over 9000 classic and contemporary karaoke anthems.

3) Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones – £220

The best value for money headphones on the market, these high resolution over the ear badboys from Philips pack almost as much of a punch as their Oppo or Sennheiser cousins, but at about half the price.

4) Plectrum Punch – £16.99

You can't get much more meta satirical than strumming along to a bit of punk rock with a pick made out of capitalism's most ardent tool: the credit card. This nifty little gadget instantly turns any plastic card in to a plectrum; take that overdraft fees!

5) The History Of Music Blueprint – £35

This music print is a fab addition to any indie rocker's wall. There are also alternative DJ, Hip-Hop and Rave Culture prints if your intended giftee's tastes run more towards Daft Punk or Dre than David Bowie.

6) Happy Socks Beatles Collection – £59.95

This special collector's set of Happy Socks inspired by the work of The Beatles are a cracking gift for any die-hard member of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club, instantly turning feet in to a moving work of psychedelic art when worn!

7) Personalised Vinyl Record Bowl – £20

These wicked cool vinyl bowls can be personalised so that the record stamp on both sides carries a message like 'World's Best Dad', 'Always Live Your Dreams' etc. Just don't fill them up with soup or cereal as there's a hole in the middle!

8) Steepletone Music Centre – £149.99

This nostalgic all in one music station would make a great gift for a grandparent or steampunk-obsessed teenager. The Steepletone is the full evolution of music in one Beech or Walnut package, with a DAB/FM radio as well as vinyl, cassette, CD and MP3 playing capabilities.

9) Lionel Richie Chopping Board – £22.73

If Lionel Richie's glorious mug combined with the cheesy play on words 'Is it me you're cooking for?' doesn't bring a smile to your face every time you enter your kitchen, there's something deeply wrong with you!

10) Art Record Covers – £49.99

This stunning book from author Francesco Spampinato explores the relationship between art, pop culture and music, with the artwork and backstory of 500 gorgeous record covers laid out in impressive and colourful detail over 448 pages.

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