Harry Styles sings The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover) September 12 2017

Fan of Harry Styles? Fan of Fleetwood Mac? You're going to want to give this a listen then - it's pretty awesome.

Having gone for a cover of 'The Chain' in Radio One's Live Lounge, he's chosen fairly big shoes to step into, but we've got to say we're impressed!

Bangles star sings Eternal Flame at karaoke bar August 17 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a popstar sang their own song in a karaoke bar? Well, wonder no longer... Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles sings Eternal Flame and it's pretty cool. Now we need to get Bieber and Sheeran to do the same!

Boss sings 'Closing Time' at the end of every work day July 20 2017

Everyone loves a tradition right? Can you imagine your boss singing a rendition of 'Closing Time' as soon as it hits 5.30pm everyday - sounds fun right? Well here's how it goes in the popular TV series 'The Office'...

And here at Lucky Voice, we sing a song in our meeting every Monday morning. It's surprisingly effective at chasing away the Monday blues, as soon as you surrender to the fact that are belting out a noughties classic amidst all your colleagues, loved and loathed.

Go on, get yourself a karaoke kit and start your own tradition. 

David Bowie and Annie Lennox rehearsing Under Pressure June 22 2017

What's this you say? Oh, just a throwback to when Annie Lennox and the late great David Bowie rehearsed Under Pressure before the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert...and it doesn't disappoint! If that's not enough of an incentive for you to watch it, then you will also want to know that Brian May is on the guitar... Still not enough?? Well, at a couple of points in the video it pans to George Michael in the small crowd singing along to this classic. Wouldn't you have loved to have been there for this one?

Get yourself a Karaoke Kit and you can sing along at home, too!

Giving Away Free Lucky Voice Karaoke Kits In London May 16 2017

This is a throwback to the day we were handing out FREE karaoke kits to unsuspecting shoppers on Carnaby Street. We'll be hitting the streets of London again in the near future to spread the Christmas spirit (*summer).

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