Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine (Blue Mic)


The Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine is the perfect present for friends and family to create the best parties ever!

The kit transforms your computer or iPad into the ultimate karaoke machine, with instant access to thousands of songs including all the greatest hits and latest chart releases.


Need a new way to keep friends and family entertained? Nothing beats a fun-filled singalong session with our professional singing equipment. No need for expensive CDs or downloads, stream thousands of songs directly from or the Lucky Voice Karaoke app. The Karaoke Machine also includes a complimentary voucher code giving you free, unlimited singing for one month!

Delivery details:

  • Free UK delivery
  • 2-3 days

Kit Includes:

  • Instruction sheet
  • 1 x metal-bodied blue microphone
  • 1 x black compact microphone mixer
  • 1 × 5m microphone cable
  • UK power cable
  • Cables to connect the kit to your computer or iPad
  • Aux In cable to connect the kit to your TV or Hi-Fi system
  • Voucher code for a month of free singing with Lucky Voice Online

What you need:

  • A computer - PC, Mac, laptop or iPad
  • An Internet connection
  • Amplified speakers: use an iPod speaker dock, TV or Hi-Fi speakers or any external PC speakers available

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