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Lucky Voice White Karaoke Machine

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Lucky Voice White Karaoke Kit
Lucky Voice White Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice White Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice White Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

The Lucky Voice White Karaoke Machine is the perfect companion for kids (and adults!) in need of some fun!

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  • Best karaoke kit! Clean, fresh, simple. A new beginning. These are just some associations to the colour white. In feng shui, white is used to evoke harmony; so when you are in the mood to sing a beautiful, calming song; you should reach for your white karaoke machine.

    The x-factor karaoke machine. Create the x factor karaoke in your home. This must-have professional white karaoke machine comes with everything you need to transform your computer, Hi-Fi system, TV or iPad into a karaoke jukebox. Not to mention we will include in a voucher code for our subscription service so that you can sing for free for one month. At the touch of a button, you will have over 9,000 songs at your fingertips. Unfortunately, once your friends and family see how much fun you are having, they will all want to have a go. Whether you are singing duets, group songs or taking it in turns, don’t share your classic white mic. Instead, mix things up with any of our additional coloured microphones. If you are looking for a fun karaoke machine for your family and friends, this is it. You can also choose from our gold karaoke kit , blue karaoke kit, neon pink karaoke kit rose gold karaoke kit and, of course, classic white karaoke machine.

  • 1 x metal-bodied white microphone

    1 x white compact microphone mixer

    1 x 5m microphone cable

    UK power cable

    Cables to connect the kit to your computer or iPad

    Aux In cable to connect the kit to your TV or Hi-Fi system

    Voucher code for a month of free singing with Lucky Voice Online

  • A computer - PC, Mac, laptop or iPad

    An Internet connection

    Amplified speakers: use an iPod speaker dock, TV or Hi-Fi speakers or any external PC speakers available

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