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10 Fun Karaoke Party Ideas & Themes To Try

10 Fun Karaoke Party Ideas & Themes To Try

Why Use Karaoke Party Themes?

What’s more fun than a themed party? A themed karaoke party, of course!

Themes add a fun new dimension to regular karaoke parties, allowing everyone to fully immerse themselves in a particular aspect of musical culture. Perhaps it's 70s disco night - cue the flared trousers, Bee Gees playlist and a whole load of hip-based movements.

If you're hosting the party, you know your friends and family better than anyone so pick a theme that everyone can have a good time with!


3 Fun Karaoke Party Ideas To Try This Year

1) Private Karaoke Rooms

For the most professional karaoke party experience, private karaoke rooms are the way to go. Themed nights transform the venue and all manner of props are available within the rooms (think inflatable guitars, massive sunglasses etc.). If you're unsure on a theme to use or how to implement this theme properly for your own karaoke party, this is a great place to start.

2) At-Home Karaoke Parties

Once you've experienced a private karaoke room, or if you want to dive straight in, it's time to plan your own karaoke party at home. Make sure to get the invites sent out nice and early for the best turnout, and that the karaoke setup is ready to go before your guests arrive (no one wants to be dealing with technical issues while everyone else is getting in the party mood).

3) Take it Online!

Perhaps a bit of an outlandish idea, but why not have a karaoke night online? The pandemic forced all of us to go to increasingly more advanced lengths in order to interact with each other (Zoom quizzes we're looking at you!), but these ideas need not go to waste now. Using online karaoke services and apps, everyone can sing together from the comfort of their own home.

The 10 Best Karaoke Party Themes To Use


1) Elvis

Elvis has had a bit of a resurgence recently (we'll give you one guess as to why) so this one should be right up everyone's alley. Put on your blue suede shoes and belt out the best of the King!


2) Musicals

This particular theme enables a lot of creativity as there are so many great musicals to choose from. Chicago, Grease, Dream Girls - anything goes!


3) 50s

Although Elvis has already got a mention on this list, you can never have enough of greased back hair and matching suits. The 50s was the era of the music group so this theme will promote singing ensemble - which is great for anyone who's a bit shy!


4) 60s

Time to rock out with big wigs and air guitars! A 60s themed karaoke party is probably one of the best options for really going all-out with costumes, but the music is no slouch either. Find out who's got the moves like Jagger...



Mamma mia, this is a good one. Let's be honest, ABBA is basically synonymous with karaoke anyway so this will be more of a given than a conscious decision. You can still go for it and find out who's the true dancing queen!


6) Christmas Every Day

Don't you wish it could be Christmas everyday? This particular theme doesn't need to be reserved for that special time of year though - there's enough Crimbo karaoke bangers that stand on their own merits.


7) Space/Aliens

You'd be surprised how many songs there are that would go with this theme. Or maybe you wouldn't. Regardless, it's a great excuse to dress up as an astronaut or alien. Assemble rocket men!


8) Classic Country

Shania Twain, anyone? Or maybe you’re more Johnny Cash? Whatever you taste, from Dolly to Denver, a country-themed karaoke bash is sure to get everyone up and moving.


9) Boy Band/Girl Band

It's battle of the bands time! Come up with a very 90s band name and go head to head over the soundtrack of One Direction, Spice Girls, even Busted. It's sure to get competitive - just try to avoid the unfortunately common band breakup...


10) 90s Party

Most people have a major soft spot for the 90s and all the great pop, r&b and rock it birthed. This is arguably the most music focussed theme idea, but why wouldn't you let this musical gold shine? Even so, there are plenty of costume ideas to reach for - just don't go chasing waterfalls!



Planning Your Next Karaoke Party?

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