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How To Use Your Home Karaoke Machine

How To Use Your Home Karaoke Machine

When you want to sing your heart out, it can be tough to find a nearby karaoke bar, especially if you live in a small town. For these occasions, you may be thinking how to host a karaoke night at home that is just as enjoyable as going to a karaoke bar.

Fun fact! The largest worldwide karaoke session consisted of 160,000 participants! But, if you're thinking of holding a slightly smaller karaoke setup at home may have just the thing for you...

Never fear, there is an easy way to enjoy karaoke at home! Plus, you won't have to place your name on a list or pay for pricey food and beverages while you wait for your turn.

Karaoke machines are a life-saver for the inner divas we know you all have, let's have a look at how to use your karaoke machine at home and have tons of fun!

Why Karaoke at Home?


Karaoke is typically seen as an activity you would go to a bar, pub or bespoke venue for - but there is so much more to explore. Karaoke at home can capture the same endorphin-releasing joy, just from the comfort of your own house. 

In fact, cool research has found that singing can be good for you on many levels. It may help lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory and improve mental health. 

(Warning: can also cause huge embarrassment when Dad does his Elvis impersonation.)

One of the best aspects of having a karaoke machine at home is that you can enjoy the entire karaoke experience without leaving the house. But it's karaoke at home... How amazing can it be? 

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! With a wide selection of home karaoke equipment available on the market these days, such as wireless microphones and technology that connects to your smart TV or sound system, converting your home into a karaoke heaven is as simple as it gets.

Although it might seem like a bit of a faff initially, when you could just go out to a place where the setting up has already been done for you, all it really takes are a few simple steps for the perfect home karaoke setup!


How To Prepare For Karaoke At Home


1) Choose the right home karaoke machine


Of course, a good karaoke machine is essential to a good at-home karaoke experience. There are a lot of choices out there, but looking past all the glitz and glam, great microphone quality is essential. Some cheesy, off-key singing is to be expected when in the midst of karaoke, so the last thing you need is a poor quality mic making you sound like a screaming cat.


2) Organise a karaoke party!


As we all know, parties are good. But a karaoke party can take it to the next level! It could be a casual addition that people pick up and try out as the night progresses, or of course you could commit fully - decide on a theme, all dress up and come prepared with a signature tune for the playlist.

Of course, the best karaoke machines will have all the up to date equipment and songs you need for a belter of a party your guests will never forget! So make sure you do some research on the actual karaoke machine!


3) Get set up ahead of time


To avoid any unneeded stress when you probably have a million other things to worry about, make sure you get your karaoke machine set up before your guests arrive and download an up-to-date karaoke app with all your favourite karaoke songs and more! To lower the stress levels even further, keep reading for our simple step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Lucky Voice karaoke machine.

How To Use Your Home Karaoke Machine


If you follow the link to our 'How It Works' page you'll find step-by step instructions on how to set up your karaoke machine, as well as a very helpful YouTube video detailing the process which you can also find below!

What You Will Need For Home Karaoke


  • A karaoke machine with microphone (and another mic if you want to duet)
  • Good quality speakers that the machine can connect to (AUX or Bluetooth)
  • A service to get the karaoke audio and lyrics (YouTube, Lucky Voice Online)
  • A way to display the lyrics, this could be a TV or tablet


You can source all of these parts yourself but this could prove to be time-consuming - our karaoke machines come with all you need, including a free trial of the Lucky Voice Online karaoke service, so you can get singing as soon as possible. 

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It's time to ditch the DIY karaoke setup and sing like a pro!

At Lucky Voice, we know a thing or two about karaoke. Now, you can take the fun home with our Sing At Home karaoke machines. Our at-home karaoke system includes everything you need for an epic karaoke party, including a mixer, bluetooth microphone and access to thousands of songs!

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How to use karaoke machine FAQs

What are the advantages of a karaoke machine?

One of the most significant advantages of singing karaoke is that it relieves stress. Because singing normally makes people joyful, it reduces the degree of tension in your body. Endorphins are released at the same time, and they help to relieve anxiety and stress.

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