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6 Activity Ideas For The Ultimate Jubilee Street Party

6 Activity Ideas For The Ultimate Jubilee Street Party

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, many will be considering banding together to plan a Jubilee street party for the ages. And there is a lot to plan - from decoration to food, and even whether you need to ask the council for permission (the rebellious among us will be pleased to know that you don’t). 

In a bid to help relieve some headaches, we’ve put together a list of 6 activities that you can include in your masterplan, and that will keep people of all ages and interests entertained! If you want your street to be the talk of the town, read on…


1) Karaoke 

You may think this a shameless plug, but isn’t singing “God Save the Queen” like karaoke anyway? Why not level up the merriment by introducing a stand where people can stop-by and sing their favourite British anthem on a karaoke machine. Here’s 5 song suggestions to get your Jubilee playlist started:

Let the sound of Queen ring out at your party for the Queen - you know it makes sense!


2) Neighbourhood Quiz

How well do you know your neighbours? Probably the less you do, the funnier this activity will be. As long as it’s kept light-hearted with plenty of obscure and weird questions, like “what’s Dave’s favourite of all the great apes?”


3) Tug of War

We know you’ve been wondering all year which side of the street is the strongest. Use the Jubilee party as an opportunity to settle this bitter rivalry once and for all through a war of tug! 


4) Chalk Art Contest

Since chalkboards have largely been abandoned in favour of boards that don’t make *that* noise when nails touch them, chalk rarely gets its credit anymore. As it can be easily washed off, the entire road is fair game for an art contest so let everyone’s imaginations run wild on the tarmac!


5) A Wacky Race

Just any old race won’t do at a Jubilee party! It needs to be unique, entertaining and something that pretty much everyone can take part in. We could tell you what to do, but the most fun is coming up with the idea yourself so the inaugural [insert your street name here] race can be truly memorable.


6) Face Painting

Weirdly there always seems to be one person at any street party, fair or other event that is excellent at face painting. Locate this individual in your neighbourhood and soon the kids (and adults too, let’s be honest) will be lining up to look like the Union Jack. 


Check out our Platinum Jubilee Party! playlist here.

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