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Best Karaoke Songs For A Garden Party

Garden Party

The time will soon come when our gardens won’t just be a place we look into through a window to check if it’s raining or not. With the promise of nicer weather as the year continues, many will be wiping down plastic chairs and cleaning the barbeque ready to accept friends and family into their own little Garden of Eden. 

And of course there shouldn’t ever be a party without music. Incorporating a karaoke party into your outdoor event will be a game changer, trust us.

The Guinness World Record for the longest karaoke marathon by multiple participants is 895 hours and 2 minutes on December 22, 2019. We're not expecting your party to last this long but we've got some tunes for you to sing the night away!

In honour of the most pleasant of all parties, here is a list of the best karaoke songs that everyone can join in on and that encapsulate the good times garden parties are known for:

Quick tips for throwing a garden party

Before we get to the all important karaoke bops, here's a few tips for your outdoor party:


The best hosts provide guests with an assortment of drinks. If you decide to serve alcohol, make sure you offer some non-alcoholic alternatives for people who choose not to drink or who drink less. Because everyone has different tastes, there is also nothing wrong with a BYOB setup.

Place your beverage station separate from the food. When everyone is attempting to grab food and drink, this can help avoid a bottleneck. Keep an ice chest or cooler close by that is well supplied with ice.


Make sure everyone has enough places to sit. As long as they are level and positioned carefully, you can use a range of seating options, including folding chairs, lawn chairs, and patio sets. If the lawn is dry, providing blankets for people who are willing to sit on the ground is an additional alternative.

In order to accommodate all of the guests, don't be afraid to ask friends to bring extra chairs if you don't have enough for everyone.

Shade and lighting

Have some shaded areas available if you're throwing an outdoor party during the day so that your guests can avoid the harsh sun. This could be an open-air umbrella, a tent, an awning, or a covered patio.

There must be lots of lights for an outdoor karaoke night. As long as the guest can see well enough to move about and hold a conversation with others, it doesn't necessarily need to be bright. Use any existing lighting you may have in your outside space, such as candles, lanterns, and string lights.

Karaoke party essentials

Get a karaoke app like the Lucky Voice App from the iOS app store or our online player for Android users to start the karaoke party outside. Making sure your WIFI is working properly from your garden is important because you will need an internet connection for this.

Select the songs you and your friends want to sing after downloading the app and logging onto our Online Karaoke Player.

Setup your Lucky Voice karaoke kit and make sure your iPad and laptop are both linked to it so that everyone can view the screen.

Before the karaoke night starts, do a quick check of the sound system and equipment!

20 of the best party karaoke songs

Here's our karaoke expert's list of the most popular karaoke songs to dance the night away! Whether you love a cheesy pop hit, a classic rock anthem or Disney karaoke songs get ready to warm up those vocal chords!


Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody 

With enough people in the garden, you may truly be able to do this epic prog-rock song justice. Just imagine: one group does the call, another the response, some loner over by the grill provides the “Galileo, Galileo”. We would go as far as to say that a garden party is the only proper place to sing this song. You decide. 

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline

Turns out, it’s not just good for big footballing occasions. This feel-good track is sure to have everyone singing in unison, and you might even get the neighbours joining in over the fence too. 

Sing here

ABBA - Dancing Queen

Inevitably the mums are going to have enough of stopping kids from wrecking the place. And when they do this is the tune they’ll reach for. Hopelessly cheesy and joyfully simple, this ABBA classic never ceases to make an appearance at family gatherings.

Sing here


Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie 

Something about this song is so infectious that even the party host, who has been obsessing over the number of sausage rolls and dips, will join in for a quick ensemble. Quick is the word too - the brisk tempo of this song is sure to inject some life into those drifting into a nap after their fourth burger in 20 minutes. 


Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’ 

Who knew garden parties could be so inspirational? As soon as those signature piano chords kick in on this musical classic, everybody knows that it’s time to take to the stage (or in this case the porch).

Sing here


The Killers - Mr. Brightside

We admit that not a lot of love is shown on these lists for early 2000’s alt rock, considering how often songs like Mr. Brightside rear their pretty heads at parties. Honestly, shame on us, as this genre reminds of a simpler time and nostalgia is a beautiful feeling to add to a party. 

Sing here

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Of course. Burnt meat? Shake it off. Noise complaints from petty neighbours? Shake it off. No matter the trials and tribulations your garden party might face, singing this song will make it all fade away. 

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

One of the conditions of this list was that the songs should be ones that everyone can sing. In this case, everyone can try to sing it. Whitney’s extra-terrestrial vocals aside, this song is iconic and certainly symbolises good times for all. 

Sing here

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe 

There would have been a time when you were sick of this song. Us too. But time is a wonderful healer and now we can appreciate the upbeat charm of this feel-good hit. 

Sing here

Elton John - I’m Still Standing 

Understandably some people at a garden party will not be standing by the end of it. But for those that are, this song is up there with “Eye of the Tiger” for most motivational ever, and will surely encourage a rendition from everyone. 



Backstreet Boys - I Want it That Way

An absolute karaoke classic. You don't need to tell me why (see what we did there.) This is the perfect karaoke song to sing as a duet, in a group, or solo if you're feeling extra brave! This is a crowd pleaser guaranteed to get everyone's hands in the air.

Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

While new Miley is amazing, nothing compares to 2009 Miley rocking to this absolute pop banger. This one will get the party started for sure.

Mambo No.5 - Lou Bega

We suggest switching up the names in the songs for your best mate's names. Comedy genius and a great way to get everyone up on the dance floor (or lawn) and involved!

Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne

Is it just us, or are there so many amazing karaoke songs from the 1990s? Dark eyeliner and baggy trousers are recommended, but not necessary, for this one. And to really help you channel your inner teenage rage, you might want to think about getting a skateboard or a sideways hat.

Dance The Night - Dua Lipa

With the popularity of the Barbie movie taking the world by storm, this is no doubt one our new favorite karaoke songs. Get ready to dance the night away and if you've learnt the moves, we are dead impressed.

Shallow - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Do we even need to explain why this one made it on the list? We're not expecting anyone to have the ridiculous vocal range of Gaga but hats off to anyone who gives this a go.

All the Small Things - Blink 182

Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, na, na. Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, na, na. That's all you need to know really.

It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls

Even the least experienced karaokiers can have fun with the song because a significant chunk of it is just talking. You won't even care if it's raining outside with this banger to get you through.

What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

If you don't sing along to this boy band song with your pals, your night isn't complete. Giving each person a role to perform makes it even better.

We Don't Talk About Bruno - Encanto

Of course we have to finish on a Disney song. At your next garden party, how could you pass up the opportunity to perform a hit song from the last few years? (Bonus if you can easily sing every section with added sass.) One of our all time favourite family karaoke songs.

Ready to host the best outdoor karaoke party?

We hope this guide to hosting a karaoke garden party has given you some inspiration for when the sun is shining, and maybe you've found your new favourite karaoke song?

Our very own Lucky Voice Karaoke Machines are perfect for parties and the whole family can join in! With thousands of songs to choose from, it's guaranteed to keep everyone happy as they sing their heart out to their favourite song.

The kit includes everything you need for an epic karaoke party, including a mixer, microphone and access to thousands of songs!

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