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Best Karaoke Songs For Girls: Top 20

Best Karaoke Songs For Girls: Top 20

Whether you’re in a girl group or looking to give Kelly Clarkson a run for her money, we’ve done it again with another top twenty list; this time, it’s a list of best female karaoke songs. 

Karaoke is incredibly inclusive, so while we wholeheartedly believe that any gender can sing whatever song they want, this list explores songs performed by women - hence the title of this piece.

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Grab your Lucky Voice karaoke kit and load up a playlist that includes these 20 incredibly sassy songs.

Top 20 karaoke songs for girls

No peeking! We’ve got 20 fun female karaoke songs chock-full of attitude to get through before we get to number one:

20) Sia - Chandelier 

The vocal stylings in this song are beautifully difficult. Not for the faint-hearted but a fantastic song to build yourself up to.

We know we’re already off to an incredible start with this song, and it ranks last in our list of best karaoke songs for women. Stay tuned; it’s only going to get even better from here. 

19) Fergie - Big Girls Don’t Cry

From her first solo album, Dutchess, this song was an epic way to bust out on her own. So if you’re looking for a strong, catchy song that’s also soft and beautiful, it’s right here. 

18) Destiny’s Child - Say My Name

This song won an MTV award, two Grammys and a Soul Train Lady of Soul award, and you can see why! It’s chock-full of sass and is a lot of fun to sing. Grab two of your besties, blast this song loudly and give it your all.

17) Madonna - Like A Virgin

They don’t call Madonna the OG Queen of Pop for nothing. It wouldn’t be a listicle of karaoke songs for women if it didn’t include this absolute gem, perfect for anyone in the mood for a retro tune. This is sure to be a hit in any karaoke bar. 

16) Lady Gaga - Poker Face

A little more modern but just as flashy, this song became a worldwide best selling single. Its opening hook had us, well, hooked. If you’re looking for a show-stopping karaoke song, this is a fantastic option, although it is only number 16 on our list. Stay tuned!

15) Lorde - Royals

Awesome fact about this song - not only was Lorde only 16 years old when this song was released, but she also wrote the lyrics in half an hour and recorded it during her school break. We can't believe such an instant classic was created this way - Lorde, here's our biggest salute!

14) Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

You may know her as Britney, Bitch, but she simply went by Britney Spears when she debuted this song. It may be 20 years old (say what!?), but it still takes pride of place in our list of best karaoke songs for women.

13) Aqua - Barbie Girl

If there were an official Lucky Voice list of songs that are the most fun to sing, this one would rank much higher than number 13. If you haven't heard of it, then you're really missing out. Quick, add it to your repertoire for a blast from the past. Don't forget to find your Ken to sing along, too. 

12) Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next

With love the music video almost as much as the song - hello homage to Mean Girls and Legally Blonde! There are even cameos from the cast! But back to the song, it's not difficult to sing and is sure to give you a confidence boost.

11) Joan Jett - I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

What we love most about this particular list is how different each song is. Yes, Britney Spears also did a rendition of this, but we had to go with the original. It's a classic, after all. If you're a rock fan, check out our official list of rock songs.

10) TLC - No Scrubs

Can you believe that we’re halfway through our list of karaoke songs for girls? And what better song to take the halfway position than No Scrubs by TLC? If you’re planning on adding this song to your repertoire, remember that you need to really bring the sass to pull it off. 

9) Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman

She may be winning over this generation of country music lovers with her duet with Kelsea Ballerini, but back in 1997, she was killing it with this song. Shania can do no wrong - get practising those little 'hoo's' and give this song the respect it deserves.

8) Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Speaking of country music, that incredible genre also introduced the remarkable Taylor Swift to the world, leading us to number 8 on our list of best karaoke songs for women. This isn't a country song by any means, but it's still pretty spectacular.

7) Katy Perry - Firework

The best karaoke songs for women don't have to be overly sassy or sad; they can just be fun. And that's exactly what this song is. Beware that 'firework' lyric though, it's harder than it seems, but if you're in it to have fun (which is what karaoke is all about), then it really won't matter.

6) Dolly Parton - Jolene

Let's slow this down with the classic musical stylings of Mrs Dolly Parton - the Godmother of country music. Put on your best faux Southern accent and give this song your all!

5) Adele - Someone Like You

Slowing it down even further with this beauty of a song from Adele - well, it wouldn't be a list of karaoke songs for women without referencing Adele, would it? So ditch the sass and put on your best melancholy performance, maybe even shed a tear or two for the greatest effect.

4) Lizzo - Juice

OK, let's speed things up a little now and bring some more sass and self-confidence to this list! Lizzo is a fantastic opening number to your karaoke showcase, just our recommendation.

3) Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Ah, the top three! With a fantastic beat, excellent lyrics and a rhythm you can really dance to, this is a fab song whether you sing it as a solo or grab your girlfriends and blast it out together. Don't forget to buy your extra mics for that!

2) Aretha Franklin - Respect

In second place is this classic song from Aretha Franklin. It is guaranteed to have your audience singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T with you. This song is as fun to sing today as it was in 1967 when it was released! Mrs Franklin, we salute you too!

1) Spice Girls - Wannabe

And the winner is….SPICE could it not be? It has everything - it's catchy, fun and something you can belt out with your friends. All you have to decide is which Spice Girl you wannabe (see what we did there?), and then you can zigazig ah the night away!

Thank you so much for coming on this musical journey with us; we hope you've now got enough songs from amazing women to put on your own karaoke concert. Now why not get ready to sing your heart out at home and get yourself your own Karaoke Machine or Kids Karaoke Machine?

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