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Celebrate Beyonce's Birthday The Lucky Voice Way

Celebrate Queen Bey's birthday in style with these song suggestions from Lucky Voice. Grab your mics and give it your all; her majesty deserves only the best.

Celebrate Beyonce's birthday the Lucky Voice way

It's Queen Bey's birthday on the 4th of September, which gives you just enough time to organise the most epic karaoke party in homage to her majesty.

Got your karaoke kitGot enough flashy mics for all of your friends?

No? Well, on such a special occasion, may we suggest you opt for the gold kit and gold mics? You can't get more Beyonce than that! These can be delivered in two to three days, just in time for your party extravaganza!

Create a Beyonce karaoke playlist

Once you've sent out your invitations, picked out your most rockin' outfit and practised a few of her songs (well, you don't want to be upstaged, do you?), it's time to create a karaoke playlist for you and your friends to belt out.

Here are some awesome suggestions from the team at Lucky Voice:

What is Beyonce’s most famous song?

With over 100 solo songs released of varying styles, it isn't easy to choose just one! Here's a list of her songs that made it to the Hot 100 Hit List:

Crazy in Love, from her Dangerously in Love album, released in 2003

Irreplaceable, from her B’Day album, released in 2006

Single Ladies, from her I am...Sasha Fierce album, released in 2008

Best Thing I Never Had, from her 4 album, released in 2001

Drunk in Love, from her Beyoncé album, released in 2013

Formation, from her Lemonade album, released in 2016

Brown Skin Girl, from her The Lion King: The Gift album, released in 2019

These HAVE TO make it to your Beyonce birthday karaoke playlist!

What is the saddest Beyonce song?

With so many totes emosh songs, you'll, of course, want to add some tear-jerkers to your Beyonce b'day karaoke playlist. But, just like our 'most successful' songs suggestion, we refuse to choose just one! So, here's our list:

Heaven, from her Beyonce album, released in 2013

I Care, from her 4 album, released in 2001

Scared of Lonely, from her I am...Sasha Fierce album, released in 2008

Broken-Hearted Girl, from her I am...Sasha Fierce album, released in 2008

What are the best Destiny’s Child songs?

You can't celebrate Beyoncé's birthday without a throwback to the good old days of Destiny's Child! So here are three songs that MUST make it into your Beyonce karaoke playlist:

Bootylicious, from the Survival album, released in 2001

Survivor, from the Survival album, released in 2001

Say my Name, from The Writings on the Wall album, released in 1999

With so many amazing songs from Beyonce, you and your friends have more than enough choice to sing her birthday away.

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