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What's the difference between karaoke and videoke?

What's the difference between karaoke and videoke?

"Hey, you wanna go out tonight for some videoke?"

Not something you're used to hearing? Well, while videoke hasn't been around as long as karaoke itself, it's just as fun! If you haven't tried it, we highly recommend that you give it a go. You'll be hooked from the start.

But what's the difference between your (and our) beloved karaoke and videoke?

What is karaoke?

Ah, karaoke, you scroll through your Lucky Voice song list, see a song that speaks to you, grab your microphone and start belting out lyrics until your heart's content.

Because you've chosen karaoke, the original singer's voice has been removed, and you're the star. And so you don't forget the lyrics; these show up on a nearby screen. That, my friends, is karaoke.

What does videoke mean?

Videoke is all the fun of karaoke, but once you've finished singing, the machine judges your performance and gives you a score out of 100. This form of entertainment is a great idea for groups of people with a passion for singing who are looking for some friendly competition.

It lends itself very well to special events, like stag and hen parties and milestone birthdays but is also an excellent option for back garden parties and Friday nights in with mates.

How can I practice karaoke at home?

Not ready to be judged by a machine just yet? We get that.

Not to worry, though, with a Lucky Voice subscription, you can practice any genre and song you can think of. Just don't jump right into a rendition of anything Mariah Carey, trust us! Instead, we recommend selecting from this list to get you started and, once comfortable, move on to something a little more challenging. Soon enough, you'll be wowing your friends and giving them a run for their money come videoke night.

How to enjoy videoke without the machine judging you?

Don't like the idea of being judged by an inanimate object? We don't blame you, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun. Instead, you can whip up some scoring cards and hand them out to your friends and take on the star judging yourself.

Whether you do it in person or virtually, we bet you'll have far more enjoyment seeing what your friends thought of your performance than some machine.

Got a videoke party planned? Best start up your karaoke machine, log in to the Lucky Voice platform and get practising!

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