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How Do I Host A Home Karaoke Party?

How Do I Host A Home Karaoke Party?

Whether you’re planning a party for your six-year-old child or a little fun with your more grown-up friends, a karaoke night party at home is always a great idea. Expect loud laughter, great singing, truly awful singing, and a great time had by all.

Best of all, if you’re singing at home instead of at a karaoke bar or nightclub, all your snacks are within reach. Plus, you can sing at the top of your lungs without worrying about the people around you.

Singing karaoke has been proven to relieve stress, boost confidence and strengthen social connections. All proven ways to live a longer, happier life! What more could you possibly want to persuade you to have the perfect karaoke party?

So if you’d like to party it up at home with some karaoke fun, this guide is for you. 

At Lucky Voice, we are gurus in all things karaoke, so we’ve put together our best tips and tricks to make sure that you have an absolute blast. All you have to do is sit back, scroll and read through this guide to hosting the best home karaoke party. 

Here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Why host your own at-home karaoke party?

Apart from the obvious reason that a karaoke party experience can be ridiculously fun and full of laughter, here are a few reasons to purchase that karaoke machine!

Host a party anytime you want!

You can sing whenever you want because a home karaoke system is readily available to blast out your favourite karaoke songs!

In the mood to blast out Taylor Swift's latest hit? No problem, it's party time whenever you want!

You can start singing right away by just plugging in your home karaoke system. What's the best part? You have unlimited time to sing! It's no longer a panic to finish that last song before the allotted time runs out.

Great for nervous singers

Karaoke is exciting, entertaining and all-around fun. There are numerous bars and clubs that host karaoke events weekly and even nightly. However, sometimes singing in front of a huge crowd can be daunting–no matter how good or bad of a singer you are.

So, how can you enjoy the excitement of a karaoke event without heading out to a bar or club? Host an at-home karaoke party, of course! 

It's really affordable

Yes, purchasing a home karaoke system is less expensive than you might expect. In fact, purchasing a home karaoke system can result in even more financial savings. 

If you're a die-hard karaoke enthusiast who requires a weekly fix, the hourly rates at most karaoke bars will be extremely draining on your bank account. On the other hand, if you treat your equipment carefully, most karaoke machines are a one-time investment that should last you a lifetime.

Ideal for any occasion

Birthdays, engagements, hen nights, anniversaries, house warming, the list is endless! Getting your karaoke gang together to celebrate any occasion is guaranteed to get the party started.

From small gatherings to big blowout parties, no matter what your budget or how many guests you have, a karaoke kit is bound to be a hit, over and over again!

How To Host a Great Karaoke Party At Home: 12 Steps

If you want to host an epic karaoke party you'll need to be prepared, it would be a bit of an anti-climax if you forgot the basics like ordering the actual karaoke machine!

Purchase your karaoke machine or system

First things first, you need to make sure you’ve got all of the right equipment to kickstart your singing extravaganza.Yeah sure, you may be able to find sing-along songs with lyrics on YouTube, but to throw a party to remember, nothing compares to having a real karaoke kit ready for action.

There are karaoke machines with built-in speakers, dedicated lyrics displays, separate volume/equaliser controls, song expansion options, auxiliary inputs, AV outputs, internal batteries, vibrant light show projections, compatibility with multiple digital audio formats, included microphones, and more.

The fact that many of these karaoke machines are plug-and-play is fantastic. Those without an integrated lyrics display link to a television or a home stereo system.

Choose a theme

Raise the bar for your celebration! Every fantastic and unforgettable party has a theme. There are a variety of music themes you can select from, including rock 'n' roll, pop, or a certain decade (such as the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s).

You can also pick a theme based on your favourite musician, film, or musical. You can ask your guests to dress in accordance with your theme to add some extra spice, and then dazzle them with amazing props and décor.

This isn’t necessarily a must-do step. However, choosing a theme and having your guests dress up accordingly will add an extra element of fun to your singing soiree. From rock n’ roll to the psychedelic 70s, there are endless themes to choose from. 

And of course, don’t forget to decorate your house accordingly!

Invite your friends and family

Think about your budget and space. Then, you'll know roughly how many guests to invite, after all, how could you possibly host a karaoke party without anyone else? 

So, to get things going, decide who you’re going to invite along to your party–ideally, it should be a group of people who get along well and enjoy singing. Now all that’s left to do is send out the invites.

You can avoid having too many guests by doing this. Mix partygoers, party animals and 'closet singers' together; each will bring something unique to the gathering. Don't forget our karaoke machines are for kids as well!

Connect and subscribe to karaoke apps

As an alternative to purchasing hardware, karaoke subscription services may be a better option. A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be used in place of a machine thanks to many karaoke apps.

The best thing about karaoke subscription services is the instantaneous cloud access to thousands of your favourite songs with an intuitive user interface, saving you the time and effort of browsing through music CDs or external media storage.

This way it's easier to keep to your theme if you have one, that way your girly karaoke hen night won't be spoiled by endlessly scrolling through your Dad's driving classics (you know the type of music we mean.)

Microphones at the ready!

Although singing acoustic karaoke is possible, most people will choose to use a microphone. Unless you intend to host this type of gathering frequently, you don't need to possess a studio-quality microphone for karaoke.

As long as the cord doesn't get in the way (for instance, during performances, dancing, or foot traffic), wired microphones are the simplest to set up. Alternatively, there are microphones that allow wireless freedom, which make having a boogie a lot easier!

But no matter what, always have two microphones on hand. Even if the music selection wasn't intended for two people, duets are more entertaining (and less intimidating) than solo performances.

Ensure a good sound system

A good sound system is a wonderful thing to have in general life, but even more important in a home karaoke setup. Many speakers can be connected directly to a karaoke machine or subscription or app. 

If your home stereo system cannot be directly plugged into a machine, you should be able to enhance the audio quality through equaliser adjustments.

With a good sound system, the sounds of your singing and laughter will reverberate happily through your home. Plus, the groovy background music of the songs will make it all sound that much better.

Pick up lots of snacks

Of course, no karaoke party is complete without a bunch of snacks on standby. 

Having a variety of snacks, ranging between sweet and savoury, vegan and meaty, healthy and hearty, is a great way to ensure that all your guests are satisfied and happy. It’ll also give them the energy they need to get stuck into some serious karaoke.

You’ll also want a few drink options so that a parched throat doesn’t take anyone out of the game. If it’s an adult karaoke party, a few cocktails or glasses of wine are sure to loosen up your guests a little, so they can put their all into singing love songs.

Dress the part!

You're going to need to dress up, especially if there's a theme. Asking your guests to make an effort with dressing up is going to take your party to the next level! If it's an Abba theme, think sequins. sparkles and insane heeled boots or if Grease is the word, get ready for leather jackets, pink hair and extremely tight trousers!

Not ready to commit to a costume? Lucky Voice karaoke bars offer amazing props and costumes when you book a private karaoke room at one of their London bars!

Create a comfortable but fun space

Lastly, you’ll want a comfortable space to host your at-home karaoke party. Your guests will likely want to sprawl out when they’re not singing themselves and will want to sit around while enjoying watching their friends sing.

A lounge is an ideal spot if you have a couch or two. You can also add pillows to the floor for those without seating, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your guests. 

Karaoke bars almost always have ambient lighting to set the mood for a song. So, to make your home karaoke party feel as ‘realistic’ as possible, focus on getting the lighting right. Start with some colourful LED lights; they’re a great way to boost the mood!

Play some games

A karaoke party will certainly be a hit all on its own. However, if you want to make the evening even more interesting, consider adding some games into the mix. You can either go for singing related games like ‘Guess the Song’ or ‘Complete the Lyrics’ and turn it into a competition, or you can incorporate some quizzes or other challenges into the evening.

Prizes for everyone!

Okay, maybe not quite for everyone, but you can easily end off your karaoke evening with some comical prizes like best singers, best duet or even best costume. Definitely have fun with this.

Testing, one, two, three

The last, and probably most important tip is to test out your killer karaoke set before everyone arrives for your fabulous party. You definitely don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises when your guests arrive.

Your karaoke party at home checklist

  • Karaoke kit/machine
  • Fun theme
  • Friends! (Optional)
  • Karaoke subscription
  • Microphones
  • Sound system
  • Snacks
  • Fancy dress
  • Comfortable space
  • Games
  • Prizes!
  • Ready for your home karaoke party?

    You simply can’t beat a karaoke party at home. Armed with a karaoke set-up, the best karaoke songs, snacks and drinks, you’ll be all set to host an awesome, unforgettable party with your friends. 

    Be confident that after following these simple steps, your party will be a huge success

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