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How To Sing Karaoke Songs Better in 5 Steps

How To Sing Karaoke Songs Better in 5 Steps

So, you're probably here because you've been invited to a karaoke night or you've had the awesome idea to host one yourself! Either way, you're in for a night to remember.

Unfortunately, the word 'karaoke' can fill some people with dread, but don't worry we're not offended (well maybe slightly.) Never fear! The karaoke connoisseurs here at Lucky Voice are here to help you hit those high notes and smash your karaoke performance.

In fact, did you know less than 2% of the population is actually tone-deaf, which is a term people use when someone can’t sing very well. With practice, most of us will be able to carry a tune!

Get ready to explore your vocal range and hopefully give you some tips to find your go to karaoke song!

Why do Brits love karaoke?

You can't deny that singing and dancing to your favourite tunes is one of the best feelings in the world.

It's no secret that music can make us feel things, but when we perform it — that is, when we sing, dance, or drum — our bodies release feel-good endorphins in a way that passive listening does not. However, karaoke combines stage fright anxiety with all the positive chemical effects of performing.

And on occasion, that escape can be empowering in its own unique manner. Singing karaoke with your very own karaoke kit in front of your friends and family might be a great alternative for those who don't often have the opportunity to express themselves fully.

How to sing karaoke better in 5 steps

These are some helpful techniques that will help you start singing better right now. In addition, we'll go over how to be ready for a karaoke session and how to project your voice as far as possible.

Find your vocal range

Determining your vocal range is the first step towards becoming a better karaoke performer. What do we mean when we say this?

There's a limit to the notes that a vocalist can sing because each performer has a vocal range. Though you can work on this and get better, a certain range of notes will fit your voice better.

Stars with high voices include Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, so they are far more adept at singing high notes than performers with lesser vocal ranges, such as Rihanna and Elvis Presley. 

Of course, there are some singers—like Whitney Houston—who have an incredible range that is hard to replicate, even a vocal coach wouldn't be able to help you with that!

To determine your precise voice range, you can try note matching. Attempting to match the notes on a piano is the most effective approach for doing this. When your vocal chords are having trouble matching it, you know you've gone beyond your comfort zone. This can help you choose whether singing songs with higher, lower, or middle-of-the-road ranges is preferable.

Find some easy karaoke songs that you love

Making a checklist of some of your favourite songs that you believe you could perform well should be your first goal. The most important thing about your karaoke performance is that you have fun, so choose a song that you really enjoy rather than one that sounds good on your voice.

Choose tracks that aren't too obscure. Good karaoke songs are those that most people are familiar with and can even duet with, as this will make the performance more enjoyable for all. A shortlist of 10–20 upbeat songs is what you want to aim for.

You can then get down to business. To ensure that you can clearly hear your own voice, try singing every song on your list in its instrumental version. After listening to every song, order the ones that most fit your voice and your taste in music. Keep practising the same song over and over again and you'll have perfected your singing voice in no time!

Lucky Voice recommends songs by artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Johnny Cash and the Spice Girls who have songs with easy lyrics and catchy choruses! And of course Dancing Queen by Abba is definitely on the list of easiest karaoke songs!

Breathing exercises

It's likely that you are predominantly using your throat to sing if, at any time during your performance, you start to feel like your throat is straining. To fully utilise your vocals, you should instead be singing from lower down, all the way from your diaphragm. It all boils down to the fact that your breathing isn't deep enough.

Deep breathing exercises are the best way of tackling this. Use the belly breathing technique to concentrate on your breathing for ten to fifteen minutes each day. In order to fill your belly up, inhale as much as you can through your mouth and nose. Next, you must release the breath slowly and profoundly.

Additionally, as you are singing, try to breathe deeply and make the sound from lower down. Also, be aware when you are singing from your throat. Although it requires some practise, this is one of the greatest methods to improve your karaoke vocals and singing skills!

Microphone technique

Some musicians, like Liam Gallagher, may have caught your attention by singing very close to the microphone, and you probably think that might work for you. This isn't the best choice for most people, though, and it can result in muted vocals.

Conversely, singing too loudly and depending too much on your throat can result from being too far away from the microphone. Your vocal quality may also suffer as a result.

Practice makes perfect

If you want the best results, you should practise with an instrumental track. Because you won't be hearing your own voice, singing along to the original song won't get you very far. You may mistakenly think that you sound better than you actually do when singing along since you are more likely to concentrate on the song's vocals than on your own.

When it comes to karaoke nights, you'll be singing your heart out to your go to songs like a true diva!

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