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What is the Best Karaoke Machine For Kids?

What is the Best Karaoke Machine For Kids?

A karaoke machine is a fun hobby for kids, whether your child fantasises about rocking out on stage or you need to keep them entertained at a sleepover. Little superstars can benefit from kid-friendly karaoke machines by finding their voices, making friends, and having more fun at birthday parties and family get-togethers.

Studies have shown that singing can help with language development, memory, and even emotional regulation. So if your little darling has been pestering you for a karaoke machine, it's for good reason!

If it's a karaoke party they want they certainly can't have one without one of the best karaoke machines on the market can they? That's where we come in with our guide to the best karaoke machines for kids!

Get the disco lights out, snacks at the ready, and cue the music!

Why buy a karaoke machine for your kids?

When it comes to hosting a karaoke party, if you're little divas are the proud owner of a karaoke machine, they are probably the one people turn to for endless entertainment! The power of a kids karaoke machine will enable your children to make friends and become the most popular kids in school!

Children often pick up new skills quickly through singing. While kids absorb and learn new abilities, they are diverted with their creativity by using their vocals to convey diverse melodies and musical sounds. 

Your youngster can learn new vocabulary terms, their meanings, and how to pronounce them by singing unfamiliar songs to them. As they sing the words they must read off the screen, they can also learn and advance their reading abilities.

If you love to make memories with your family, this is another reason kids karaoke machines are a must. With the help of the karaoke machine, there is no question that you and your loved ones will have a great time, and those moments will remain forever in your memory.

Well you can't argue with that can you?

The 5 best kids karaoke machines

When looking for the perfect karaoke machine, you'll want to focus on sound quality, if they come with wireless microphones (easier for busting a move) and of course the range of songs! Here are some of the best on offer right now:

Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine

You may be familiar with Lucky Voice karaoke venues across London and with an at home karaoke machine you can now share the joy of singing with the kids!

Ideal for birthday parties and celebrations, you'll find everything you need in one box, our karaoke machines come with an audio mixer with bluetooth connectivity, all necessary cables and 1 month free trial to our online singing service. (Did we mention we have The Bing Bong Song from kids favourite Peppa Pig?!)

Need two wireless microphones? Your wish is our command! You can purchase another wireless microphone in a stunning range of colours including, rose gold, bright gold and pink! That's one way to really make them feel like pop stars!

All you'll need is a computer, laptop or iPad and some speakers through your TV, speaker dock or even just your computer speakers! You can even use your phone as a remote control to choose songs via our karaoke app! Grab the disco ball and your kids will be belting out their favourite tunes in no time!

Tobi 2 interactive karaoke machine

You can sing along to the eight pre-loaded tunes or stream your own music quickly via the Bluetooth connection with the Toni 2 interactive portable karaoke machine. Along with all of this, there are other features like fun sound effects, pitch correction (note: this cannot perform miracles when a three-year-old is screaming at the microphone), and the chance to record and playback your singing.

Singing Machine SML625BTBKD Karaoke Machine

Kids can sing a duet with the two microphones that come with this light up karaoke system, each with its own volume control. It also includes a top-loading CD player, a power adapter, and RCA connections that you can use to connect the device to a TV to view song lyrics. 

Daewoo Bluetooth karaoke machine

This karaoke machine is simple to use right out of the box and offers a tonne of singing entertainment possibilities for the entire family. It includes two CDs that range from kid-friendly songs like "Let It Go" and "Baby Shark" through tween and teen-friendly songs like Ariana Grande and Little Mix, all the way up to timeless music like "Son of a Preacher Man" and "Sweet Caroline."

VTech Kidi Super Star DJ microphone and stand

All of the tracks that are preloaded on the device are VTech originals. Although it lacks a Bluetooth connection, you can use the provided audio cord to connect a battery-operated music player if you wish to sing along to your own songs.

What is the best karaoke machine for kids?

If you’re looking for value for money and of course pure happiness on your kids faces, it has to be Lucky Voice!

If your kids dream is to become a professional singer then our glam karaoke kits with funky microphones will definitely fit the vibe! But we’re not all style over substance, our karaoke machines are super simple to set up without being too basic at the same time.

Your kids can create their own playlists, a feature you don’t often get with other karaoke machines on the market, but we’ll always put safety first with a feature that allows you to block songs with any explicit or inappropriate lyrics.

When you invest in a Lucky Voice karaoke machine, you’re guaranteed a high-quality, kid friendly entertainment system which really is fun for all the family for years to come!

Ready for a Lucky Voice karaoke night?

Finding a kid-friendly karaoke machine that is simple to use will give your kids the confidence to switch it on and start singing on their own.

 Getting something for teenagers that is either portable or has a more modern design, as well as having Bluetooth streaming capabilities through a TV or smartphone, would be the perfect gift. You're in luck with Lucky Voice!

Our very own Lucky Voice Karaoke Machines are perfect for kids, teens and the whole family! Whether they want to rock out to some Busted classics or keep it Disney with Hannah Montana, our song collection is guaranteed to keep everyone happy!

The kit includes everything you need for an epic karaoke party, including a mixer, microphone and access to thousands of songs!

Get your kids karaoke kit now!

Best karaoke machine for kids FAQs

Is karaoke good for kids?

Kids benefit from engaging in all types of musical creativity, including karaoke. Additionally, engaging in a family activity like karaoke strengthens relationships while being entertaining.

Additionally, youngsters can practise their musical skills and confidence by using a karaoke machine alone, or they can socialise by doing it with their friends or family.

Why is karaoke good for kids?

Their confidence can be greatly increased by having them sing on a karaoke machine, on the television, or even as they watch karaoke videos. They will have the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to perform at a school concert or deliver a speech in front of their peers if they have experience performing songs live in front of family and friends since an early age.

How do I choose a karaoke machine?

When choosing a karaoke machine for kids, you'll want to look for easy set-up, bright colours and the ability to stream music through karaoke apps on smart devices. You can find all these features in a Lucky Voice karaoke machine!

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