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Why Is Karaoke Good For Your Health?

Why Is Karaoke Good For Your Health?

Most of us are familiar with that energising and exciting feeling of belting out karaoke songs with your friends - it’s an excellent way to let loose and socialise with your loved ones.

But did you know that there are actually many health benefits to karaoke, both mentally and physically? Read on to find out more.

Major stress reliever

This comes as no surprise that performing karaoke is a major stress reliever. Karaoke itself is associated with amusement and laughter, so it makes sense that it's an excellent way to calm any forms of anxiety and stress.

When performing karaoke, endorphins are released within your body, which is the feel-good hormone. With a high level of endorphins, you will experience less pain and less negative emotions. So why not grab your own Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine, and experience the rush of endorphins yourself?

Increase sociability

When singing karaoke, you tend to be among a large group of people, particularly when you’re singing in a karaoke bar or club. It’s a great way to mingle with people - even people you don’t know very well! Whether you’re discussing which song to sing next, or debating who has the best singing voice, it’s guaranteed to be a fully sociable activity.

This is undoubtedly excellent for your mental health, as it’s a good mood-booster, it encourages healthy habits, and it prevents you from feeling lonely.

Singing is known to decrease blood pressure

As you know, karaoke is a stress reliever that can often help to release endorphins in your body and make you feel good. But did you know that singing itself can decrease blood pressure?

According to many studies, singing has been shown to reduce blood pressure significantly, particularly when drugs fail to do so. So whilst you’re up there, belting out your favourite ballads, it’s worth noting that you are drastically improving your physical health!

Excellent for confidence building

Singing karaoke in front of an audience or in front of your friends and family is daunting to say the least. However, once you get up there and get into the song you’re singing, it’s the greatest adrenaline rush you could have. And while you’re singing, you tend to realise that it’s not so scary after all!

Endorphin levels are increased, allowing your confidence to gradually increase. And the more you do karaoke, the easier it becomes to sing in front of people - even people you don’t even know.

Helps you breathe better

There's some evidence suggesting that karaoke can enable you to breathe better. It has been suggested that singing karaoke can help improve and strengthen the muscles that are used to breathe, allowing you to effectively control your breathing. It also means that you will learn to breathe more slowly and deeply, enabling you to relax more and also lower your heart rate.

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