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The All-Time Top 20 Karaoke Songs For Kids

Most Popular Children’s Karaoke Songs

It's a known fact that children love nothing more than to sing a good song out loud, as they gravitate towards catchy tunes and addictive melodies.

Here at Lucky Voice, we want to do everything we can to encourage youngsters to pick up that microphone and belt out whatever song their hearts desire - after all there are a surprising amount of health benefits to doing karaoke.

Singing teaches kids to use their voice, to be heard and to express themselves – all qualities that boost confidence. A child who is singing is being heard and acknowledged.

Be sure to pick up your own lucky voice kids karaoke machine and get singing!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for what children’s songs are the best, we have it all right here. From Frozen to Abba, check out our round up of the 20 most popular kids karaoke songs right now!

Why is Karaoke Great for Kids?

A kids Karaoke machine is not only a fantastic way for kids to express themselves and burn off extra energy, but it may also be a useful tool in helping your child learn to read.

For children, learning to read can be an overwhelming endeavour, particularly for those who require further assistance with pronunciation. For visual learners who learn best by doing and seeing, karaoke is perfect. Because of this, karaoke is the ideal tool for parents looking to add fresh activities to their child's reading regimen.

Additionally, karaoke is a fantastic way to boost a child's confidence and sense of self. Teaching your child to be fearless when hitting the stage is a terrific start, especially because public speaking is considered to be one of the top anxieties among adults! 

It's crucial to keep in mind that having fun with karaoke doesn't need to be an incredible performer! The main goals of karaoke are mutual encouragement and enjoyment!

The Top 20 Kids Karaoke Songs

Looking for fun and easy songs that kids and parents alike can sing their hearts out to? Look no further—we've done the research and have compiled a list of songs that are ideal for kids of all ages—as well as parents! From Disney karaoke to pop classics, there's something for everyone!

1) ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

This catchy song hooks us all in with its infectious beat and uplifting lyrics. The words are easy to remember and it’s ideal for all kids. Guaranteed to make you feel happy by the time you’re finished.

2) Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Examining the words in greater detail reveals the true significance of this nursery rhyme for kids. The sounds that each animal makes are listed after it is stated. These noises have practical significance, so kids can have a deeper understanding of the distinctions between various animals.

More importantly, what kid doesn't find snorting like a pig and mooing like a cow hilarious?

3) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Another classic nursery rhyme! Children can learn to recognise their own feelings and comprehend the true feelings of others by listening to nursery rhymes. Children learn to create, be creative, and express themselves as they act out the nursery rhyme stories they hear.

4) 'Under the Sea' from The Little Mermaid

Hearing a child attempt to follow the late, great Samuel E. Wright's fast-paced calypso callout of various musically oriented marine critters, culminating in a powerful "oh that blowfish blooooooooow!" is one of the greatest joys in parenting.

5) 'Kiss the Girl' from The Little Mermaid

Since the release of the live action film, The Little Mermaid has encapsulated children with it's catchy songs and hilarious characters. With repetitive sounds and phrases this is the best song for your kids to practise all their vowels and pronunciations!

6) The Alphabet Song

Singing the alphabet helps us learn it because sounds are more memorable to us and helps our brains remember information more readily when it has a "catchy" rhythm. Ideal for kids who can then recall it more clearly!

7) 'How Far I'll Go' from Moana

When Pixar Disney Original Moana debuted in theatres in 2016, it became an immediate hit. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a fantastic voice—who would have guessed? "How Far I'll Go" is one of the movie's catchy tunes that becomes popular on karaoke nights all around the world. We all unite, young and old, male and female, as we imagine the freedom of life on the sea and hear the first melodies appear.

8) 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid

Yes it's another one from this timeless and popular Disney classic! 'Part of your World' is a great introduction to power ballads for your kids, as well as letting them express their emotions and really let loose!

9) 'Hakuna Matata' from The Lion King

Disney's timeless karaoke song "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King is undoubtedly one of our favourites. This is a great uplifting song that the whole family can sing along to. This upbeat hymn from Disney will quickly lift your spirits, as any enjoyable karaoke song should!

10) Humpty Dumpty

The song Humpty Dumpty helps in the improvement of motor skills. Everybody remembers those adorable little dancing moves we did while belting out our all-time favourite nursery song. 

We had no idea, though, that youngsters aged 0 to 5 may benefit from those easy choreographies in terms of improved rhythm and coordination. They are stretching their limbs and learning how to maintain rhythm while they enact the rhyme's phrases.

11) ‘The Bare Necessities’ from The Jungle Book

The Bare Necessities is an old school bit of Disney all about staying carefree and happy, the perfect message for overly hyper children!

12) ‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel

This huge hit from Frozen is a massive all round family favourite that can be sung by people of all ages! Its lyrics of freedom are captivating and addictive, making you feel fully empowered after singing it.

13) ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift

It’s not a children’s karaoke party if there aren't any Taylor Swift songs to sing! This upbeat throwback is the perfect song to sing with a group of people, leaving you feeling joyful and content.

14) ‘Party In The USA’ by Miley Cyrus

Again, another pop throwback song that many children will be familiar with, this song celebrates all things USA! It’s energetic and uplifting, and will undoubtedly make you want to dance.

15) ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA

This is a timeless classic, regardless of what age you are or what era you were born in. And it’s no surprise that kids nowadays are huge fans of this feel-good hit! Dancing Queen is guaranteed to make you feel like you can dance, and you can jive - it’s the perfect karaoke song.

16) ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

With such a catchy chorus that is so simple to pick up, this pop song draws everyone in, regardless of age. It’s energetic, lively, and will definitely put you in a good mood.

17) ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake

Can’t Stop The Feeling is a funky disco tune, with an addictive dance melody that makes it impossible not to sing along to! It’s a brilliantly energetic song for kids, allowing them to throw some of their own dance moves to it

18) ‘Baby Shark’ by Pinkfong

This is a choice that resonates well with young children in particular, with a hook that is so easy to pick up and sing along to! It’s popular worldwide, and perfect for the whole family to join in on

19) ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

This song is exceptionally fun to sing, especially as a duet with somebody! There are a fair amount of high notes to reach while performing this epic ballad, and with its lyrics being squeaky clean, it’s the perfect song for all children.

20) 'A Million Dreams' from The Greatest Showman

A huge hit from a musical that proved an absolute box office phenomena, 'A Million Dreams' is a brilliantly cheesy bit of pop that's guaranteed to inspire your little entertainer to run away with the circus.

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Singing family karaoke songs really does bring the kids and adults together, and we really hope our list has helped you find the perfect kids karaoke song that you can all enjoy as one.

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