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Why Karaoke Is Great For Children

Why Karaoke Is Great For Children

It's a known fact that karaoke itself is an excellent social activity for people of all ages, bringing people closer together and allowing you to passionately sing all of your favourite anthems. You can be as silly as you want when you sing, and the most beautiful thing about karaoke is that you don’t ever have to take yourself so seriously when doing it!

It has increasingly become a popular children’s activity, with kids singing modern pop songs or opting for classic Disney tunes. But did you know that karaoke actually has many benefits for children? Read on to find out more, and keep these facts in mind the next time your child is performing karaoke with their friends!


When your child is singing karaoke, there is no doubt that they are being pushed out of their comfort zone, as they are on the spot, performing in front of a group of people. But this has many benefits!

By allowing children to perform karaoke in front of people, it will greatly increase their confidence, and will make future activities such as public speaking much easier and bearable. They will be much more comfortable and confident being in front of a group of people if they are able to perform karaoke, and this will do wonders for their personal growth.

Relieves anxiety and stress

Karaoke is such an exciting activity, and there is evidence that performing karaoke releases endorphins around the body, which is the feel-good hormone.

It is a very carefree and happy-go-lucky activity that will undoubtedly bring bouts of joy to whoever is taking part. This is brilliant for children who are feeling anxious or stressed for whatever reason, and can definitely help ease any tensions and worries they may feel.

Allows kids to express their emotions

Whether your child is belting out the emotional ballad 'Let It Go', or jumping around to the catchy 'The Bare Necessities', karaoke is essential in allowing children to express themselves and their emotions; whatever they are feeling.

Music is powerful in many ways, and songs can often convey exactly how you are feeling. And more often than not, children can find it quite difficult to express their feelings and emotions, which is why karaoke is the perfect gateway to communicate with you or their friends about what they are feeling and what they are thinking about.

Good for brain activity

Karaoke often involves reading lyrics on a screen to be able to sing them out loud, and this is excellent for your child’s cognitive development.

Firstly, it greatly improves children's reading skills, as they will have no choice but to read a set of lyrics at a fast pace, meaning that their reading abilities will gradually increase. Secondly, it will also improve their pronunciation when it comes to particularly difficult words that they normally wouldn’t say in an everyday conversation. This is brilliant for their linguistic skills!

Excellent way to socialise

Karaoke is a cost efficient way to get all children together and have fun in a safe environment.

Even if the group of children don’t necessarily know each other too well, karaoke has been proven to bond people together, and this is excellent for young children when forming friendships.

So what are you waiting for? Let you little one sing their heart out with our children's karaoke machines.

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