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Disney's 10 Most Karaoke-able Songs

Disney's 10 Most Karaoke-able Songs

Disney songs are universal in the sense that every family member can belt them out during karaoke and thoroughly enjoy it!

For decades and decades, Disney songs have been the epitome of children's parties and get-togethers, and will continue to be the most fun children's karaoke songs to sing. From classic Disney songs from movies such as The Lion King, to modern favourites like Frozen, Lucky Voice have put together Disney’s 10 Most Karaoke-able Songs.

1) Hakuna Matata

Our number one Disney karaoke song has got to be the classic ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Lion King - an absolute feel good song that can be sung by anyone and everyone in the family.

It is a carefree anthem and an instant mood booster; perfect for any type of karaoke party!

2)Let It Go

Disney never gets it wrong when it comes to emotional ballads, with Frozen's 'Let It Go' arguably being the film's most popular songs. It's a perfectly easy song to sing along to, but you'll definitely need a lot of lung power for this one!

Its lyrics of freedom and liberation are captivating and addictive, making you feel fully empowered after singing it.

3)A Whole New World

Who doesn’t love a good duet song for karaoke? From Disney’s 1992 film Aladdin, this song is nostalgic for many reasons, and can bring about a range of different emotions when singing along to it.

4)The Bare Necessities

The Jungle Book has an array of exciting sing-along anthems, but the one that stands out the most has got to be The Bare Necessities. The song advocates for the simple things in life, sending a good message to all young people out there. It’s catchy, bouncy, and will instantly leave you feeling energised after singing it.

5) I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

It’s no surprise that two Lion King songs are in the top 5!

This song is magical in the sense that it makes you feel like you are the ruler of the world. Sung by young Simba in the film, it is a song that expresses the desire to be king one day, and it is impossible not to sing along to it!

6) Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)

This colourful and vibrant song from Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid is truly the most enjoyable and exciting song in the movie to perform karaoke to!

It is also a song you can dance along to, with a funky Caribbean beat and catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up on.

7) A Girl Worth Fighting For

From Mulan, this is a lighthearted, funny song that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And it’s perfect if you're doing karaoke in a group of people, as there are many different parts to the song, meaning that you can all take turns!

8) You’ve Got A Friend In Me

An instantly recognisable tune from the classic movie Toy Story, this is the perfect Disney song to sing along to with your close friends in particular. The chorus is simple, yet effective, and very straightforward to pick up on.

The melody itself is nostalgic in many ways, and it is one of those Disney karaoke songs that is usually sung towards the end of the night

9) Circle Of Life

Lion King, yet again! The 'Circle of Life' is a very epic and grand anthem, which will undoubtedly leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world! It’s a particularly symbolic song in the movie, and many younger people will be able to connect to it on a deeper level, when performing it.

10) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

From Disney's Mary Poppins, this is an old classic, dating all the way back to 1964, and is an excellent karaoke song! The long winded title is actually super easy to pronounce, with the rest of the  lyrics of the song being very easy to pick up on.

It's a particularly energetic and exciting karaoke song for younger children to perform, and a must-have in your Disney karaoke playlist!

Why not plan your own Disney themed karaoke night and sing along to all of these addictive anthems? Be sure to pick up your own lucky voice karaoke machine and get singing!

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