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8 Children's Party Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

8 Children's Party Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

We all want to give our child or children the best life possible, full of happy memories. And even though it may not always be possible to splash out the way we want, there's plenty of ways we can make a birthday special, even on a budget.

You could experience a range of emotions when your child's birthday draws near. For example, feeling sentimental and even a little sad is natural. However, tense? It may surprise you to be this stressed. Nonetheless, a lot of parents are. It is a huge pressure to plan the perfect birthday parties for your little ones.

A recent survey found that 78% of parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to make their kid’s birthday party as amazing as it can be.

These kid-approved activities and children's birthday party ideas are simple to put together and sure to be a hit at the gathering. We're giving creative suggestions for entertaining games and DIY projects. We have everything you need, from arts and crafts to outdoor games to some adorable party bags to give away after the celebration.

How do you throw a kids birthday party on a budget?

We will suggest some inexpensive birthday party ideas to save money. You can plan to keep the birthday person and their friends entertained on the special day, but before we get into that, there are some ways to cut the costs of a birthday even more. These include:

  • Hosting the party at your house.
  • Making the decorations (this is something your child can be involved in).
  • Keeping the guest list small.
  • Opting for finger foods and snacks rather than complete meals that likely won't get eaten.
  • Baking the birthday cake yourself (Pinterest will be your friend here).

How can I make my own party bags?

Offering DIY toys and craft supplies—such as hand and finger puppets that can be built during a party using felt and templates—is one of the greatest ways to put together party bags without going over budget.

Alternatively, you might create your own, basing designs on the party's theme. Simpler versions of finger puppets can be created by printing or designing on paper, then cutting out shapes to insert over sticks.

In the same way, consider creating hand-painted notes and drawings, as well as DIY party bags out of recycled and upcycled materials. Customised bag designs, vintage sweets, and wooden toys elevate traditional kids' birthday parties.

It can be helpful to search for cheaper treats in large quantities as well as things you can quickly add to bags in case you run out or have more kids attending.

Of course there's no real rules to what you choose to put in your party bags, just don't forget the cake!

8 low-cost kids party ideas

The big question is, how do you keep a handful of kids entertained without breaking the bank? Well, here are some inexpensive birthday party ideas you can use to make your child's birthday party special without having to spend too much at all! Who needs a soft play party and bouncy castles when you have these unique and super fun ideas!

Have a karaoke party

This is an activity that requires minimal supervision. All you have to do is set up your Lucky Voice kids karaoke machine, load up the children's category of your subscription and grab a handful of mics, and you've got yourself one heck of a party (if we do say so ourselves).

Download the Lucky Voice app on any smart device and your kids will access hundreds of kid's classics including Disney karaoke songs, Peppa Pig and even Baby Shark through the best karaoke machine for kids (apologies in advance!)

Game tournaments

This could be garden games like sack and egg and spoon races or a football party if you have the garden space, or you can load up your games console and have them battle it out virtually. Keep a scoreboard and have a small prize for the ultimate winner.
Depending on how long you want the part to last, the tournament can span a short or long amount of time. The best part? It will barely cost you a penny.

Get crafty

Pens, pencils, felt-tips, paint and paper are all you really need to keep your party guests entertained. You can throw in some sponges for painting or let them finger paint.

Alternative options include getting your child (the birthday person) and their friends to paint rocks or mugs etc., something they can either gift to the guest of honour or take home and keep for themselves.

Create a disco

Take on the role of DJ and put on a disco for the children to enjoy. You can even take requests to ensure everybody gets to hear their favourite songs. It shouldn't cost a penny if you already have a Spotify, Amazon Music or iTunes subscription, unless you want to invest in a glitter ball or some glow sticks, that is.

Decorate cupcakes

While baking the birthday cake, why not whip up some cupcakes for the kids to decorate during the party? You can buy some decorations like icing pens, edible glitter and hundreds and thousands that won't cost too much but will ensure at least half an hour of fun.

These are all low-cost activities but are sure to keep a birthday party in full swing and make for some excellent memories, which is the whole point, really.

DIY Slime

At your next birthday celebration, a slime-making station will be the talk of the town. Arrange a large table with all the materials needed to make homemade slime; it works well for both indoor play and outdoors. If you provide every child with a glass jar and our free printable tags, you can create a party activity that they can keep as a take-home present.

Party Limbo

How low can you go? This indoor birthday party activity only requires a broom or stick to set up. Children love playing the traditional party game Limbo and its' ideal for younger kids. To find out which child can go the lowest, just lower the broom with each turn. It's as easy as that!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt party is an easy, adaptable, and reasonably priced method to engage everyone. You can jazz up your child's party by establishing a theme, such as superheroes, pirates, or princesses. You can truly let your imagination go wild with this one, whether you choose to open up shop at a nearby park or woodland or to keep things super local at home!

To ensure that no one—young or old—gets caught off guard, make sure that each clue points each group towards the next. At every turn, leave little rewards for the team that solves the puzzle the quickest. When the hunt is over and everyone has returned, there will be a big prize.

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We hope we've given you some fun and simple ways to make your kid's party a day they'll remember and you'll remember it not costing a small fortune!

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